Buying A Used Car – some tips and traps

It is quite common for issues to arise from the purchase of a Used Car. The Australian Financial Security Authority (AFSA) has recently expressed concerns with such sales.  We thought it useful to provide the following tips. They also let you know where you can find more information which is available from the various government organisations who oversee this area. The tips are for dealers as well as consumers.

A PPSR SEARCH on the Personal Property Securities Register

There is a fee of $2 for a PPSR search. It is especially important when privately purchasing cars, motorbikes and more.

The PPSR can tell you if the vehicle you want to buy is safe from possible repossession, or if it has been reported written-off or stolen. AFSA’s newest video, available now on YouTube, highlights the key information a PPSR search can provide. We encourage you to access this short video if you are considering purchasing a second hand vehicle privately.

To complete a search, you’ll need the vehicle’s serial number, such as a VIN or chassis number, and a credit or debit card for payment. Just do it and you will save possible future anguish.

Consumer and Business Services (CBS)

The CBS is the South Australian government department involved in this area. If you are purchasing from a dealer, it is still worth doing a PPSR search. Additionally, you can log onto the CBS websites and search for tips on Buying a Used Car. This has useful videos on buying from a licensed second hand vehicle dealer, including warranties, hidden damage, and ownership.

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)

The ACCC is the Commonwealth department involved in this area especially as to The Australian Consumer Law (ACL). The ACL is Australia’s national consumer law. The ACCC provides guidance on the legal rights and obligations created by consumer guarantees provided by the ACL. They have a very useful guide Motor Vehicle Sales And Repairs

The guide is relevant to:

  •  authorised vehicle dealers (including of vehicles and motorcycles)
  • mechanics and vehicle servicers and repairers
  • vehicle manufacturers, distributors and importers.

The guide’s main focus is on consumer issues related to defects and failures (both one-off and repeated) in new and used vehicles.

We hope that this has been useful. Contact Belperio Connell on 8102 1322 for any further information or assistance you may need

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